About Us

Studiosme is focused on the creation of photorealistic architectural and interior visualizations, virtual tours, and 3D animations. Our talented visualizers have a keen passion for 3D graphics, and they bring their outstanding skills and experience to every project. Your visions will be rendered with the highest level of technical accuracy and aesthetic balance, whether it is the visualization of a studio apartment, or a large commercial development project.

Each member of our team is thoroughly educated in the field of architecture and excels with many types of project documentation. We strive to make all of our communications with you as clear as possible without unnecessary fuss. We can process your visualizations down to the smallest of details—even if all you have to begin with is a rough sketch. We will work with you to create picture-perfect results by precisely adjusting the lighting, textures, and complimentary individual elements, then polishing these components to deliver your unique conceptual design.

Our close-knit team relishes in the challenge of working under the strictest deadlines, and of course we always strive for the highest quality.


We provide high quality 3D interior visualization services for architects, designers, real estate agencies and developers within the diverse milieu of residential and commercial real estate.

We can easily model the interior elements according to the documents you supply us, or we can use our finished 3D models.

If you have a Shell & Core, or a White Wall space, we can design interiors for your marketing visualizations, and we will prepare an engaging virtual tour for you.


We place great emphasis on the high quality of exterior visualizations so that your ideas can come to life in vivid and impactful 3D images. We create the most impressive environments and enliven them by adding greenery, people, furniture, and (of course) blue skies. If you need to incorporate your design into the local surroundings, we can perfectly layer your model into photos.

We will create beautiful marketing visualizations that attract the attention of your potential clients and increase their interest and demand for your projects.


We focus on 3D animations of products, interiors, and architecture.  Our 3D animated presentations deliver computer-generated videos, which allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the captivating story of your project.

When creating our animations, we keep in mind the concept and script of the video, sound, and visual effects.


We create virtual tours that allow you to walk through every corner of the building, change and compare different variants of furniture, textures, finishes and lighting- in real time.

For complete immersion in VR, we add interactive elements, such as opening and closing doors, background music, special sound and visual effects. We prepare virtual tours for viewing on a PC or with special VR goggles.

You can also use our virtual tours to support the sale or rental of your real estate to customers who cannot visit the site physically.

At Studiosme, we provide our clients with round-the-clock support even during holidays and weekend. We are here for you.


“Studiosme is a long - term and reliable partner for us in the processing of interior visualizations of office space. We really appreciate the flexibility of their team, communicativeness and their high quality of visualization processing even with short deadlines.”

M.arch. Martin Zidek, CapexusInterior visualization of office projects

“We thank Studiosme for their beautiful visualizations of the interior of the common areas of the hotel. It was an interior visualiza tion based on the implementation project documentation, where our design contained a large number of atypical elements, thought through in detail. Studiosme carefully modelled it all and added a warm and pleasant atmosphere to it.”

Ing.arch. Jakub Zoula, ZOAAInterior visualization of Oreo Brno Hote

“We contacted the Studiosme team to process exterior visualizations of our Retail Park project in Ostrava. We are very satisfied with the result of our coope ration with them. We will definitely contact Studiosme in the future.”

Ing. arch. Radim Jevicky , Kohl architectsExterior visualization of Retail Park

“We appreciate their active approach to the project and their great willingness to cooperate. We really like the final visualizations. They are elaborated into the smallest details, including the impressive atmosphere and photorealistic elements. We are looking forward to another joint project and thank you for the beautiful results.”

Ing. Jiri Vesely , Atelier VeselyExterior visualization of a development project in Behovice

“Thank you for the perfectly processed marketing visualizations of our project and the design of the interior of the model apartment! We really appreciate your initiative and great communication. Good job!"

Joto Chelidze, Getberg Real EstateInterior design of a model apartment.
Exterior and interior visualization of a residential cons truction project In Strancice